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Mobile App Planning Worksheet


The Mobile App Planning Worksheet is a PDF document that outlines the information you will want to discuss in your internal meetings. These are:

  • App Goals
  • Platforms (iOS, Android, HTML5, etc)
  • Budget (with pricing guide)
  • Preparation to talk to a firm
  • Mobile App Planning Blueprint, a PDF page that you can fill out using Acrobat to gather the items listed above into a suscinct document. This document can be printed or emailed to others on your team either to gather their thoughts or to use as discussion points.

Product Details:

  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 5
  • Utility: PDF based form can be filled out in Adobe Acrobat
  • Released: November 2012
  • Price: Free with mailing list signup*

Free w/ Sign Up

* Your contact information is safe, it will not be shared or abused. Signing up for the free app planning blueprint will also get you a short series of emails covering the topics: What it Costs to Build an App, Quirky Facts about Apps, Ideas for your App. I will also occasionally (once a month or less) send out book updates, mobile app news and other items my readers will be interested in. You can unsubscribe anytime.