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Review: A particularly good investment. It’s all grain, no chaff.

“I bought this book for a social media infrastructure project I am pursuing, and it turns out to have been a particularly good investment. It’s all grain, no chaff. It helped me educate myself on the basic issues involved in app-building, which forms part of my project.”

Amazon Reviewer

Review: Thank you! Building a Mobile App has given me the confidence to talk to prospective developers.

“Just finished your book, “How to build a mobile app” and wanted to say thank you. I am in the process of setting up a business here in the UK. I intend to find a developer to produce a template or templates for mobile apps which I will then use to provide small to medium sized business`s with their own app. I have no prior experience in this field and your clear and simple (it had to be for me) to read book has given me the confidence to talk to prospective developers with at least a chance of understanding them.”

—M. Delahaye, Six Fields UK

Review: Building a Moble App provides is the perfect introduction to the process

The author has managed to take a technical subject and make it approachable. This book is for anyone thinking about or considering an app for any reason. The author provides insight into the types of questions one should be asking in thinking about building an app. She introduces you to the difference markets, devices, who uses them, as well as there advantages and disadvantages.

You will gain both insight and understanding of the process. This prepares you to think more critically about your design, your needs and your potenital customer. This book includes examples and approaches others have used. Development of apps is a complex process and this book gives you a head start on the process. I will keep this book and use for future reference.

From Amazon Reviewer  D. Waisner “Debby author, reader”

Review: Everyone will learn from this book

As a life-long software engineer that has transitioned to mobile app development, my focus has typically been on design and implementation of any given project. While I have to work with the graphics designers and often the customers who have contracted my services, my view into those parts of the process has always been limited. This book gives me very good high-level insight into the challenges that many people have to go through before they ever talk to me about building their software. While I try to be aware of such things, Building a Mobile App was a fantastic reminder of the journey all of the other folks on any team striving to build an app go through.

While this is geared towards those folks that are considering an app for their needs, *anyone* involved in the process can learn from reading this book. Regardless if you’re brand new to the world of app development, or a seasoned veteran, you will be reminding of things you have forgotten about the process and most likely learn a few new things along the way.

If you do app development, get this book, it’s that simple.

From Amazon Reviewer  everydave